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This group of agents in Durham is diverse. You can find us on pastoral, remote properties with rolling acres, on tree-lined streets in communities built for families, and in urban lofts in the heart of downtown. Because we work as a team, these varied styles and experiences are pooled to help a diverse group of buyers find the right home. Understanding what a buyer wants, and translating that through what the market has to offer, is what we do well. As a buyer, you'll have the tools to search for property on your mobile device, independently, while we are diligently searching on your behalf. Let's see what we can do for you! 


Did you know that right now, the likely buyer of your home is living within 6 miles of you? Let's tell them about it. Through expertly staged homes, paired with target marketing to a vast network of agents and Durham clients who may be looking to move, we hit the nail on the head. And NDR listings in Durham turn quickly because our research of comparables and market conditions is serious business (thanks, Mark Bonner!).  


Not sure whether to buy, sell, or stay put? We're here to educate and assist potential buyers and sellers, like you, in that evaluation. Today's consumer is more educated about real estate buying and selling than ever before, but we offer valuable analysis and insights into the key elements that should drive a consumer's decision about buying or selling a home. Whether you're wondering if you'll qualify to purchase your first home, or preparing to sell your fourth, our team can help you make the best decision.

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